Steak Tips with Mushroom Gravy Recipe

Steak Tips with Mushroom Gravy Recipe

When there’s Steak Tips with Mushroom Gravy for dinner, get ready for days--if not weeks-- of rave reviews. A small amount of porcini mushrooms work their magic in this heavenly comfort food classic, made with tender browned beef and luscious mushroom onion gravy.

Ladle beef tips over the Best Mashed Potatoes or Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes and spears of Roasted Asparagus for one incredible dinner. Sometimes, there’s nothing like a steak! From the little-known Tri Tip cut (California’s hidden gem) to one-pot wonders like Easy Beef Stroganoff or mushroom-y Salisbury Steak, you can’t go wrong. When beef is involved, dinner will always be delicious.

Steak tips with mushroom gravy in a white bowl.
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Need a fast, sublimely delicious dinner? Grab some beef tips and a whole bunch of mushrooms. This simple yet hearty recipe is ready from stove to table in less than an hour. Compared to the time you’ll be thinking about it afterwards (weeks, possibly) that’s almost no time at all.

Ordinary button mushrooms get a powerful umami boost, thanks to dried porcini mushrooms. They melt into the gravy, ensuring that every bite is rich and mushroom-y.

Use quick-cooking sirloin tips if you’re making this recipe on the stove, which are already tender and don’t need much cooking time. But if you’re interested in using the slow cooker or Instant Pot, you can certainly make this recipe with a tougher cut, like chuck. Any way you want to make it, just promise you’ll make it soon. Maybe tonight.

Making Steak Tips with Mushroom Gravy for a weekend feast, or just for the week ahead? Just click and slide the number next to “servings” on the recipe card below to adjust the ingredients to match how many you’re feeding—the recipe does the math for you, it’s that easy.

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