Summertime Grilled Corn and Crab Pasta Salad.

This grilled corn and crab pasta salad recipe is summer in a dish! Crisp, refreshing and perfect for the warm summer weather. It can be a BBQ party dish, a part of your dinner tonight or even lunch today! Delish!

I’m dubbing this the year of pasta salad! 

grilled corn and crab pasta salad

Today we’re making this incredible, summery, full-of-sunshine lump crab and corn pasta salad that is so fantastic, you won’t even be able to stand it. It can be your next BBQ side dish, a bowl you take to a party or even part of your dinner tonight!

red peppers, scallions and fresh herbs


I mean, why is this tangy delish bowl of noodles so wonderful?! This is the epitome of the season right here.

grilled corn and crab pasta salad

So, crab pasta salad! 

I have lots of delicious recipes for it on the blog, but the stand outs this year have been the spring asparagus pasta salad and the grilled chicken caprese pasta salad! Both so amazing and wonderful as a side dish, party dish or heck, even dinner. 

pouring dressing on grilled corn and crab pasta salad

And that’s where we’re going with this one too. I LOVE how versatile a pasta salad is and this is no different. It’s super flavorful and satisfying, you can make it ahead of time and it keeps great in the fridge. In fact, half the time it may even taste better the next day. Because FLAVOR. 

pouring dressing on grilled corn and crab pasta salad

This dish is just so, so refreshing. It’s SO summery. It has some texture and crisp which is key for me. It tastes amazing with an icy glass of white wine too!

I like to use the best high-quality lump crab that I can find. It’s so buttery and has tons of flavor. It also flakes nicely and really disperses through the pasta salad well, so you get the flavor in each bite!

P.S. if you’re not into crab, you could throw in some shrimp. If you’re really feeling fancy, you could even do lobster! The question is how extra do you want to be today… 

grilled corn and crab pasta salad

The other key components to this pasta salad? 

Grilled corn on the cob of course. We basically eat it every single day in the summer once it comes into season here. We only get it good for, like, five weeks or so.

Sliced red pepper strips are also part of this – they are crisp and crunchy and give the bite that everyone loves. 

Then of course we have scallions, fresh herbs and the most delish vinaigrette!  (more…)

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