The Swimming Cow, Damansara Kim

For fans of sous vide cooking, spanning steaks to fowl and fish, wade on over to The Swimming Cow: Take a table at the counter to watch your protein emerge from its vacuum-sealed bag after hours of low-temperature cooking in a water bath.

The sous vide chicken thigh roulade is served cordon bleu-style, rolled and layered with turkey ham and cheddar cheese, crisp to the breaded bite, smooth and tender to the chew, rounded out with a refreshing pickle slaw and fragrant truffle fries (RM35).

The other poultry pleasure is the pan-seared duck breast, full-bodied in both taste and texture, complete with cauliflower puree and orange reduction for our favourite sous vide speciality at The Swimming Cow (RM45).

We have mixed sentiments about the salmon with truffled mash, sauteed asparagus and garlic lemon butter sauce (RM45) and the Australian wagyu MB4/5 beef with garlic confit, sea salt flakes, Sarawak pepper and mustard (RM135 for about 260 grams), since our cuts lacked succulence and were too heavily seasoned. Issues like those could nonetheless be easily fixed.

The Swimming Cow
29, Jalan SS20/11, Damansara Kim, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
Open daily for dinner by reservations starting August 18. Tel: 012-206-6599

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