Tilling Started ~ Wind Damage ~ Rhubarb Vodka

Three hours of work, but it doesn't look like much.  That pea fence is about 40 feet long.  We got started, so that feels good.

(wind damage)

Wind kicked up to a nasty speed, so we quit for the day.  We'll resume again today.  Our frost warning for tonight is now a freeze warning.  Not the kind of May weather we normally have.  I can't believe we are having this cold weather right now.

Tonight we hit a possible low of 28°F.  Unheard of for May.  My chicks need to be re-homed to the barn, but now I cannot do that until possible next Wed. thanks to the weather.  They are out growing their home indoors.  I'll be covering my rhubarb, garlic, asparagus, and herbs in the herb garden that have already shown spring growth.

I started a triple batch of rhubarb vodka last night.  Today we add the vodka.  You can find the recipe HERE with photos from last years.  
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