We got this....

Thursday 14th July 2022
Focus on the good and the good gets better.

Quick blog this morning as I've just realised the time, even though I've been up since 5am!  I made it through another day, finished on 1300 calories, happy with that.  enjoyed my meals.  I had scrambled eggs and tomatoes on one slice of bread for breakfast,

and salmon, mini jackets with garlic butter, corn on cob and asparagus for dinner.  

We also had an ice cream from the ice cream van outside but we won't be doing that again £3 each - ouch, I asked for a plain cone in a waffle and when I got inside it had a flake in which no doubt added to the cost.  I just can't justify that cost at all, he can have a Mcflurry for a quid and he'd be as happy.

I was also a domestic goddess yesterday ;) doing the bedding, damn it's hot doing any kind of housework.  The kitchen floor has been hoovered up twice in two days because I broke a glass on Tuesday and Aryn broke one yesterday.

Need to go and decide what we're eating today so that I stay on track, it's too easy to not plan then end up with something too high in calories.

Here's to surviving a busy day and staying on track, we can do this.

Mwah, luv ya

Love me x
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