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These Weekly Menu recipes allow you to get out of that same ol recipe rut and try some delicious and easy dishes! This week I highly recommend making the Double Chocolate Flourless Brownies, Pierogi Pizza and the Sheet Pan Savory Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin with Hasselback Potatoes and Stuffed Mushrooms!

Weekly Menu - 2/2/20

Happy Sunday and Happy Groundhog day TKW Family! So apparently were going to have an early spring as the little furry fat rat thing didnt see his shadow. We shall see as I woke up this morning to a beautiful blanket of snow on the grounds.

And todays the Super Bowl too. I will have it on but most likely in the background as Im not into it. And with so many of the commercials leaked out already, its not fun anymore. Just give me the food and Ill be happy! lol

So how was your week? Mine wasnt bad. OT for my hand, OT at home and lots of frustration because my hand is taking so long to recover. the surgeon said it will be about a year before I get full use of it back. But when youre someone thats always on the go, burning the candle at both ends, its a tough pill to swallow.

Thankfully I had about a year or so of recipes shot, edited, posts written AND Mr. Fantabulous. He does 99.9% of the work on this for me as I still cant type with both hands.

I tried last week, again, to wash dishes and broke 3 plates, 2 glasses and 1 mug because I cant hold anything with my hand. Ugh. seriously, this recovery and waiting to heal is torture. But Im hopeful and do what the OT and surgeon say and just waitas patiently as I can. LOL

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We all visit blogs looking for delicious items and inspiration. What I find (and you should as well) the MOST USEFUL thing is the comments that people leave. Honest feedback, good or bad but respectful please, on a recipe.

You can give suggestions on what youd tweak or a spin you put on it. Heck or just tell me that you loved it! Like how to make vegan, keto or not use mushrooms.

This is how I grow and become better on here and it gives you guys real feedback. The absolute most critical thing you can do for me is to leave a comment on the blog recipe post.

When I look at someone elses recipe I read the comments as to me, thats honest feedback. So when you make a recipe of mine or plan on making it, leave a comment on the post. I, and everyone else that goes to my site, truly would appreciate it!

Highlighted Recipes of the week!

Recipes that are tried and true but ones that you may have forgotten about,

Highlighted Recipes 2-2-20

Weekly Dinner Menu What to cook this week

With that guys, Im going to call it a day. Mr. Fantabulous has some soup to make (he just doesnt know it yet) and I need to be there to talk him through the process.

Below Ive put together some easy and delicious meal prep recipes that can help with dinner or lunch for the week. Plus dessert as well, you always have to have dessert! Is your favorite recipe listed below?

With that, have one fantabulously amazing week!

Monday Shaved Asparagus & Proscuitto Pasta
Tuesday Loaded Potato Soup
Wednesday Gochujang Wings
Thursday Sloppy Joes
Friday Pierogi Pizza
Saturday Sheet Pan Savory Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin with Hasselback Potatoes and Stuffed Mushrooms
Sunday Honey BBQ Thighs
Dessert of the week Double Chocolate Flourless Brownies

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