What to Cook This March

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I’m so glad we made it to March. The days are growing longer already and I love how the spring sunshine illuminates our kitchen. We even spied some fresh green daffodil leaves in the neighbor’s yard yesterday. We’ve just returned from a week in sunny Maui (Grace was delighted by the waves at the beach!), and we’re recovering from some colds that we brought back with us.

Asparagus is on its way and we’ll finally have more fresh fruits and vegetables to work with this month. I’m looking forward to cooking my favorite green curry soon, shown below. You’ll find more seasonal recipes in this post!


Simple, vegetarian Thai green curry recipe featuring asparagus, carrots and spinach! cookieandkate.com

Thai Green Curry with Spring Vegetables

Easily gluten free and vegan

“I made this for dinner tonight and it was the best green curry I have ever had, better than our favorite restaurant where we get it. So thankful I found this recipe so I can make it at home. Thanks so much for sharing, it was absolutely delicious!!!” – Ashley

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