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Spinach roulade with mushrooms, cheese and Dijon mustard sauce

SPINACH ROULADE WITH MUSHROOMS – FRENCH FLAVOURS IN AN EASY BUT IMPRESSIVE DISH This healthy mix of eggs, spinach, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, carrots and Dijon mustard sauce is a vegetarian delight. And it’s gluten-free! When I first discovered a recipe for spinach roulade many years ago, the filling was chunky cottage cheese. To make it more interesting I added smoked salmon and a horseradish sauce. I see there is an abundance of recipes with spinach roulade with cottage cheese and smoked salmon all over the internet now! I’ll post my recipe sometime soon too. I’ve also perfected my version of the roulade and I think my gluten-free version is tastier, more nutritious and rolls up better than the wheat flour which...

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The Fastest & Healthiest Lunch Ideas

When I surveyed my group Lutz Nutrition’s Beautiful People, MOST people said they struggle with healthy lunch ideas. I think one of the issues around this is our need to categorize foods a certain way. You don’t need to only eat cereal or oatmeal at breakfast, and you don’t need to only eat sandwiches at lunch. When we get caught in these boxes, it makes it harder to break out of the norm and the habits we’ve molded for ourselves. So have stir-fry for breakfast, have eggs and greens for lunch, have breakfast for dinner! Try something new and see that you don’t have to fit in any box! This teaching is one of my values of not labeling our...

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