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Welcome back to another Back to Basics series! Today is a topic that probably no one on the planet thinks about...besides me ;)

I have a strong belief that things that are cuter, make your life a little happier. If I use something multiple times a day, week, or month no matter what it is, it should be pretty. Same goes with my silverware drawer. If I am opening it multiple times a day, you better bet that I am going to make it pretty.  Here's how I organize my silverware drawer. How I Organize My Cleaning Products The Surprising Way I Disinfect My Dish Sponge (hint – in the microwave!) An Extremely Easy Guide On How to Hang Curtains My drawer organization: Here she is! I bought this silverware divider from Amazon. I love it because it spreads out so it perfectly...

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Looking for the best apartment organization ideas? Here are 23 ways to organize your bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen!

  Moving into an apartment is so exciting and feels like a major step up from your college apartment or parent's house . I remember moving into my first apartment thinking I was going to have a ton of extra space since it was just me... but no. You are going to want to utilize every last inch of space in your apartment to store all your (amazing) crap without it looking messy. When I first moved into my apartment the biggest challenge was understanding that not every room can be organized the same way. I had no idea, and let me to you, it's very different organizing your kitchen compared to your bedroom! Lucky for you, the organization process...

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Looking for the all-time best utensil sets for you kitchen? Here are a variety of trendy and classic utensil sets that will be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Here at BSL we get into the nitty-gritty, from paint colors to the best lazy susan on the market... we have all the details you could want. We are talking about the best utensil sets. You can’t get more exciting than that!!  I don’t care what anyone says, every detail is important and I cannot tell you how much thought I’ve put into each item in my kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and on and on.  I’m all about quality and from my hours of research I’ve been able to find the best of the best. I’ve compiled together a list of all the best silverware, kitchen tools, measuring cups, and spoons. Whether you're trendy or classic, I’ve got you covered. I’ve...

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