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It’s time for the 2020 gift guide! I always love scouring the web for the best gifts to give to my family and friends, and I like to put all that research to good use and share what I find with you

Today, I’m sharing a whopping 100 White Elephant gift exchange ideas!  This post contains affiliate links. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.  Do you ever play White Elephant? I’ve also heard it referred to as Dirty Santa or Yankee Swap (although, I like White Elephant a lot better!), but whatever you call it, it’s a hilarious and never full game to play at Christmas parties, and we usually find ourselves attending at least one or two events where it’s played! This year things are, ahem, a little different, and there’s no telling what kind of gatherings you might have happening – if any! But, whether you’ll be playing White Elephant this year or not, I think we could...

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This post is all about cheap Christmas decor.

Finding cheap Christmas decor that looks expensive is not, I want to have a Kardashian level decorated apartment on a college student's budget. I feel like anytime I walk into a store looking for holiday supplies I buy two things and leave spending $70 + dollars!  Luckily, we've searched the internet and found the best cheap Christmas decor that will have your space looking Pinterest worthy without breaking the bank. This post shows you the best cheap Christmas decor. Best Cheap Christmas Decor: 1. Trendy Winter Pillows I love these pillows because they are Christmas and wintery without being TOO in your face. They're like the "trendy" version of Christmas pillows. Plus, they are less than $20 which is...

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These loaded chocolate chip cookies are the thing of dreams! These giant cookies are easy to make and makes a huge batch too! Topped with chocolate and peanut butter chips, these cookies just like Mom used to make! These cookies are seriously delicious, I really can’t wait for you to try them! These giant cookies are so perfect and loaded with toppings for a truly indulgent treat! How to Make This Loaded Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe (Giant Cookies) Heat oven to 350°F and position the oven rack to the middle position. Line 2-3 large baking sheets with parchment paper. In the bowl of a stand mixer, combine granulated sugar, brown sugars, butter and oil. Mix on medium speed 3 minutes....

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