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GE vs Profile vs Cafe Dishwasher Comparison [REVIEW]

In this comprehensive review, we look at the different series of GE, Profile and Cafe dishwashers and their features so you can decide if this is a brand that fits your needs. Shopping for a new dishwasher can be an overwhelming experience. With so many brands that look almost identical in finish and size, along with varying features and wash cycles, how do you choose? Sticking to your purchasing budget, we recommend that you do your research to find out what features are available since new technologies are being introduced all the time that make dishwashing easier than ever before. GE recently went through a rebranding initiative. As a result, the marketing names of its brands have changed to GE,...

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ADA Compliant Dishwashers, 4 Top Rated Models [REVIEW]

In 1990, the United States passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We owe modern design of dishwashers to this law including doing away with cumbersome or unwieldy features like levers. These days ADA compliant dishwashers refer to the height of the product itself. ADA-compliant dishwashers are approximately 32 inches tall (mind you the legs can be adjusted to a degree based on the chosen model) as opposed to the 33-34 inch height that’s standard on most other dishwashers. This can be a problem if your previous cabinets and flooring were installed around a standard dishwasher, and you now require an ADA height dishwasher instead. But if you have lower counters or raised floors already, an ADA height unit will...

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Panel Ready Dishwashers - 3 Best Models [REVIEW]

When you are installing a new kitchen, you will no doubt be aiming for the three principles of modern functionality and design - clean, open, and minimal. If you aiming for a seamless flow in your kitchen, you might be interested to learn more about panel ready dishwashers. Panel ready dishwashers allow you to seamlessly blend your appliance in with your new cabinetry - without that obvious stainless steel look and a device protruding out from your cabinets. These dishwashers come ready for you to apply your own front 3/4-inch or 1/2-inch panel in the same material as the rest of your cabinets, and you can also customize the type of handle that is best for you. Design Styles for...

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