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What to Look for in a Home Bar Furniture

Home entertainment means getting a bar where refreshments and delicious food will be served. You don't need to go to a local pub to entertain guests. You can instead give them an aged wine and fruits while catching up with each other. If you're planning to make a bar that's cozy and inviting, you need to look for a design that will complement the overall décor of your home. It should be comfortable where guests can wander into the kitchen when the food that they are looking for is not available in the bar. The seats should be high enough, and there should be plenty of shelves for the drinks.  What to Look For when Designing 1. Cozy and Dark...

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Hosting a girls brunch is so easy! We are showing you just how to do it without breaking the bank

Our roasted balsamic potatoes recipe will WOW everyone and have them all asking for seconds.  Thanks to BRIANNAS for sponsoring this post. Girls Brunch Putting together a memorable girls brunch is simpler than you think. Delicious food, cozy jammies and a simple mocktail only take a bit of preparation and a lot of joy with your favorite gal pals! Whenever host friends for a meal, I like to give as much time as possible to just visit. I don’t want too many activities planned that take up our time and make things feel rushed or busy. Some of my favorite memories with my friends are when we linger a little longer around a delicious meal and talk.  So I recommend...

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