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Imagine a welcome where the rhythmic beating of huge, traditional Rajasthani drums, called nagadas, herald your entry

The minute you walk through the main door, a blizzard of fragrant rose petals swirls around you, showered from an intricately carved balcony above by a turbaned darban (gatekeeper). You are escorted into the grand main lobby via a manicured courtyard by local Kalbeliya musicians and colourfully attired dancers who treat you no less than royalty. But, for the people at Fairmont Jaipur, you are just that. A royal guest who is to be accorded every luxury and comfort during their stay at this stunning palace hotel. Atithi Devo Bhava, meaning ‘Guest is God’, is an old Sanskrit phrase that easily sums up the Fairmont Jaipur experience. Hotel Fairmont Jaipur is a luxurious living palace Rising with all its grandeur...

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