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Over the years I’ve shared my Thanksgiving timeline and it’s been insanely helpful – especially to me! This year looks different for everyone, but since we’re still having our parents over, I’m making a full spread

It’s our best CLASSICS! I don’t change a ton in terms of dishes I’ll be serving, and now that I have kids, it helps me SO much to be able to plan and organize in advance. It allows me to enjoy the day so much. Because I love cooking a giant spread for everyone! I’m sharing my full menu below! And then, my crazy timeline starting from four weeks out. My 2020 Thanksgiving Menu Pomegranate Jeweled Cheeseball  Citrus Butter Sage Roasted Turkey Turkey Stock Buttery Herb Stuffing  How Sweet Eats House Mashed Potatoes The Best Gravy Ever Pomegranate Greens Salad Corn Pudding Souffle Vanilla Bourbon Cranberry Sauce Lightened Up Sweet Potato Casserole Green Bean Casserole Parker House Rolls Pumpkin Dream...

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I Decided to Stop Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner, and It Was Seriously the Best Decision

Last year during the holidays, I started the most brilliant tradition with my family (in my opinion, at least). We went out to dinner for Thanksgiving, and it was truly amazing. Not only did I skip the holiday food shopping, prep, and clean-up I hate, but we enjoyed a totally distraction-free family meal away from the kids' toys and TV. We are 100 percent going out to dinner again this Thanksgiving, and after our awesome experience, I can't recommend restaurant dining instead of hosting to any busy parent enough. The idea to make a reservation rather than cook a turkey dinner started brewing when I was complaining to my husband about how much food we end up throwing out at...

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