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The Satisfyingly Well-Ordered Drawer: Minimal, Modular Systems for Tiny Place

s When I was a kid, the kitchen drawer next to the fridge was known as the Everything Drawer. Pretty much anything you were looking for could be found there—so long as you were willing to dig. Spare rubber bands and pencils mingled with AA batteries, a singular walkie talkie, bungee cords, and a rock painted by yours truly. We could have benefited from the storage solutions from brand-new company Toko (launched just a few days ago), designed to create modular, functional order for the tiniest places—drawers—in every room: the kitchen, the home office, the entry, the bath. The company is the work of husband and wife team Nick Carmen and Marianne Karaan, who wanted to create minimal, flexible systems...

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Bar Politan

Photograph by Carly Cooper Politan Row, the new food hall in Colony Square, officially opens to the public on June 25. But lest you roll your eyes at the opening of yet another food hall in metro Atlanta, there are a few things that set Politan Row apart. For starters, it’s small with a unified design. Its vendors are independent chefs and up-and-comers. The food is served on china. There’s a photo booth and a central bar. Seated dinners? No problem. The development of a new Colony Square food hall has been in the works for years after North American Properties—which developed Avalon and revitalized Atlantic Station—acquired the historic property in 2015. Steve Palmer, founder of Indigo Road Hospitality Group...

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