When you’re on stage, everyone sees and raves about your drum kit, right? But what about the part that’s mostly invisible to the crowds? How often do you and your fans consider one of the most important parts of that kit: your drum throne.

Whether you’re a beginner drummer, or an experienced one, you should always scan the market to see what’s new. Never settle for an ordinary chair if your kit doesn’t come with a throne. Also, that pain in your back could mean it’s time for an upgrade. Did you know some of the best drum throne options offer back support?

Luckily, we did most of the work on your behalf. We researched the drum throne market, looking for the best in comfort, cushion shape, height and yes, even back support. All you have to do is pick yours from our list below.
Top 7 Drum Thrones Review 2019
Our information is based on pro musicians’ input, after testing it in studio and live sessions. The best drum throne will work in all situations, right? From their feedback we compiled a quick reference comparison table, as well as in-depth reviews. If you want to make the right decision the first time you buy, we suggest you scroll to our buyer's guide as well. When you know what to look for, you’ll easily vet these unique chairs the next time you visit your favorite music shop. Drum roll please…
24. Tama Ergo-Rider Drum Throne Editor’s Choice Features Cushion shape: hybrid round and saddle-style Height: 20.3 – 26.2 inches Number of legs: 4
Extra features: both height and backrest are adjustable
On this chair your back is amply supported by the backrest attached to the structure. It connects with a sturdy metal framework, so when you relax against it you will feel well supported. This component’s height can be adjusted, so you can find that perfect spot where it provides some lumbar support during long sessions.

The added feature doesn’t make the throne less portable than others, as this backrest simply folds away for easy storage and transport.

The famous brand added a number of features to make it more sturdy, so this is definitely a quality, long-term investment. That justifies the slightly elevated price tag compared to others on this list. There’s the Seat Lock seat holder and the new design has a lower point of gravity. This means there’s less chance of this toppling over, even if you move around a lot while playing. The seat design also impresses as it’s ergonomic, with cut aways in just the right areas to ensure comfort for almost any drummer, no matter your size and height. Add to this the height adjustable feature, and this is a great gift for any of your drumming friends.

On the bottom of the legs you’ll find thick rubber coverings. These add stability, but also protect the chair and the floor you’re on.

Overall this is also fit for the stage, since it has Tama’s signature style: all black leather.
Pros Back rest included Comfortable seat Stylish design Sturdy frame Cons Expensive model 25. Ahead Spinal-G Saddle Throne Best Drum Throne for Back Problems Features Cushion shape: bicycle seat Height: 18 – 24 inches Number of legs: 3
Extra features: split-seat, spring-balanced throne
This design catches the eye with its stunning red cloth seat surface. For those who want their gear to be as show stopping as their music, that’s a plus.

But the brand made it a dynamic, practical option too. This was specifically designed to provide more support to the human body, whether it’s in a state of rest, or in motion. This is called ergokinetics and Richard Robertshaw used this unique approach to create this Spinal G drum throne. This spells good news for drummers who face back problems, as you can now get more support and comfort by simply replacing your chair.

Part of its magic comes from the split seat design. Thanks to that groove some pressure is removed from your tailbone. This is often a source of pain for many individuals who sit for long periods of time as there’s friction and pressure on this area. This especially happens during a drum session where you constantly move. Now, this unique seat counters some of those problems.

Although the seat is very supportive, it’s still soft and comfortable.

Below you’ll find three legs, a design which provides sufficient stability. The seat weighs less than some other products on this list, making it easier to travel with, but also safer to carry around if you do have back problems.

You can adjust the height, so it should work for almost any player.
Pros Comfortable seat Less pressure on tailbone Prevents some back problems Sturdy frame Cons Red shows dirt easier than black 26. ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne Best Spinning Seat Features Cushion shape: bicycle seat Height: 18 – 24 inches Number of legs: 3
Extra features: nitrogen gas shock absorber gives throne a subtle bounce to reduce back fatigue
A small component can make all the difference. That’s what you realize in this throne where its seat design makes your playing more comfortable, but even safer in terms of your body. First up: This seat spins freely. This isn’t only to give drummers the privilege of movement during a set. This can actually be more beneficial for your body as it makes it unnecessary to twist certain joints. Your body can simply turn where needed.

In addition ROC-n-SOC added a shock absorber to the unit. This uses nitrogen gas and that exhilarating bounce you feel is because of this addition. While it will boost you whenever you need to reach far for a certain drum solo, this can also prevent back fatigue. It cushions your body every time you return fully to the seat. Over time, this type of protection can prevent joint problems and you may even feel less strained after a gig.

The rest of the chair is impressive too. The bicycle seat is a favorite for many drummers and it’s thickly padded to ensure comfort. You’ll experience a sturdy support thanks to the quality hardware. This brand is exceptionally proud—with good reason—of its welding workmanship. They even give you a guarantee on this, so you can enjoy some heavy duty playing while having peace of mind: your chair will hold.
Pros Cushioned, protective seat Quality hardware Exceptional welding Easy height adjustment Cons No back rest, must be purchased separately 27. DW Drum Workshop 3000 SERIES Best Drum Throne for Big Guys Features Cushion shape: round Height: 20.5 – 25 inches Number of legs: 3
Extra features: large 13-inch cushion diameter
Here’s a seat that proves quality doesn’t have to ruin your budget. This one comes in under $100, but has many impressive features vital to a drum throne

Firstly this is a relatively light chair, making it a good option as travel gear. It folds up easily and with the seat detaching from the legs completely, it’s super easy to find space for it in your luggage.

It’s a tripod base chair, with the three leg structure. This ensures stability. Thanks to solid ear casting, this throne feels very solid. This automatically adds to the confidence a drummer experiences while playing. The legs also have rubber covers that prevent slipping and protect the metal.

The seat’s thickness creates comfort and the 13” diameter is big enough for most players to find suitable. It’s covered in vinyl which looks stylish, but is also easy to clean with a wipe down. Vinyl also lasts long as long as you look after your chair.

This throne is designed to allow some spin, which certain players prefer. Luckily you can also keep it in a fixed spot if desired. Simply use the provided lock nut.

Yes, it does have some height adjustment, and what drummers appreciate is that it holds its height. It’s impressively solid and won’t adjust, even if you’re playing for hours on end.

Even though it’s a more affordable model, you’ll still get exceptional workmanship and quality parts, which means this one will last you for a while.
Pros Well made Soft seat Affordable price range Feels extremely stable Cons No back rest Seat not shaped 28. Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne Best Motorcycle Seat Features Cushion shape: bicycle seat Height: 18 – 24 inches Number of legs: 3
Extra features: double braced legs
How encouraging to find affordable chairs that are fit for tall and heavy individuals. Users weighing up to 350lb find this comfortable, and also report that it feels quite sturdy. It’s important that the drummer feels confident about the chair he or she uses. This one is and feels solid. The tripod design also adds to this aspect.

For a more affordable option the manufacturer put a lot of effort into the design. This is a bicycle cut out design, which makes for very comfortable sitting. It limits friction and allows better blood flow in the legs for most users. Just note that this is up to personal preference, as some drummers look for support under their thighs. Which type of player are you?

The seat’s other attraction is its stuffing. It’s quite thick and provides a comfortable platform. The brand uses top grade foam, which won’t easily give way or deteriorate over time.

Note that the adjustments are made with a drum key. Make sure you keep your key in a safe place so you can easily change its settings when needed. This one’s height options are quite impressive, set with a memory lock. Even in its highest setting it will still be sturdy, in part thanks to the double-braced leg design.

It’s slightly heavier than some thrones on this list, but still easy to transport at around 8lb, making it another portable option.
Pros Many height options Quality foam used in seat Bicycle seat design is comfortable Cons No back rest Require drum key for some settings changes 29. PDP DW 700 Budget Pick Features Cushion shape: round Height: 20-25 inches Number of legs: 3
Extra features: double-braced legs
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to still enjoy excellent results. That’s proven by this chair that’s super affordable but still showcases vital quality features. You get thick rubber fittings on the legs and they have ridges. This protects the floor, gives you some grip, and will prevent damage to your chair’s metal parts.

This cheap throne’s height can be adjusted, so anyone can give it a try.

This is one of the chairs with a simple, round cushion design. It’s well padded and of a comfortable size most players enjoy sitting on. As it’s not over sized, it’s also a wise option for younger players to start with.

Below you’ll find three legs and even here you find quality, as they’re all double braced.

This is one of the brand’s lighter options. At only 4lb, it’s one of the most portable units so you can have comfort while on tour, without your gear weighing down your tour bus. The compact design and seat also makes sense for those who travel to practice sessions often.

Despite it being compact, it can still carry around 225lb.

The top attaches to the framework with a screw. By tightening this yourself, you’ll know your chair is safe to sit on. You can also leave it slightly loose if you want some swivel in your chair.
Pros Rubber protection on legs Durable framework Soft seat Lightweight Cons No backrest 30. Mapex Double Brace Round top Drum Throne Best Drum Throne Under 100 Features Cushion shape: round Height: 17.3 – 22 inches Number of legs: 3
Extra features: 5-position bolt lock height adjustment
This chair impresses because it’s so light, but surprisingly sturdy. At only 4lb, it’s a smart option to tour with. Don’t worry, even though it’s one of the most affordable items on our list, you’ll still get the benefit of many quality features. So yes, travel light, while still enjoying a comfortable seat behind your set.

Something many drummers appreciate is that this lower end model allows you to swivel. The seat also has various height settings, so this can work no matter how tall you are. You can pick one of five different height settings. The wingnut design that allows these adjustments makes for a sturdy setup, so no chance of the seat wobbling or adjusting height while you play.

The three legged design contains double braced steel legs. As with most quality thrones these are covered with rubber feet. You won’t slip on the stage or floor while playing and they’ll also prevent your floor from getting damaged. This is an important aspect for musicians who practice at home or if you’re playing on wooden floored areas to get those amazing tones during a recording.

This is a slightly smaller seat than some others, but once again, this makes for easy portability. It’s still a sufficient size for regular use, and extremely comfortable thanks to being firmly stuffed. Mapex provides excellent workmanship, so the stitching in this vinyl seat will serve you for years to come.
Pros Strong framework Rubber feet provided Various height options Portable Cons Smaller sized seat No back rest

Buying Guide
But now the question is how do you know which of these drum thrones are perfect for you? We made a list of the most important features, explaining how they’ll affect your comfort and even your playing. Think how these features will affect you and then select a throne accordingly.
First up however, let’s tell you why your throne isn’t simply an expense, but an investment.

Advantages of having a top-notch drum throne

When you start shopping for your drum throne, you’ll be faced with many options. It’s worth taking your time on selecting yours (and perhaps spending a little more than you intended), because a top-notch drum throne will have a few advantages:
The right chair helps you maintain good body posture as it supports you in the right areas. If you invest in a chair with a back rest, you’ll counter or prevent joint pain & strain on your back muscles. A throne with high quality foam stuffing will last you a long time and provide your body with the necessary support needed during lengthy sessions. Quality hardware with the right shape (such as having three legs) provides a solid throne that won’t wobble, even if you move around a lot. Small details, such as having rubber casings on the legs, prevent slipping. A unique pillow design can relieve tension on certain areas such as your tailbone. High-end thrones provide many customization options, such as adding or taking off the back rest and adjusting the chair height. A quality set won’t squeak when you move, which is vital for your own concentration and to prevent noises from ruining your performance.
You can see these features can lead to better playing, simply because you’ll be ultra comfortable. Good enough reason to upgrade yours? Then let’s help you pick.
Features to consider when choosing a drum throne
No part of a drum throne is without purpose. If you’re a beginner drummer, the wrong throne can spoil your playing sessions as you may experience unnecessary fatigue or even pain. We list the important features you have to look for.
Cushion shape

One slight adjustment makes all the difference. There are many round shaped throne cushions, because drummers who move around a lot often find them the most comfortable, compared to cut outs or bicycle seats, where the contours can limit movement.
Many musicians prefer having less friction with the chair, in which case a bicycle chair’s shape is ideal. You need to find which one matches with your playing style and won’t hinder blood circulation in your legs.
It’s wise to invest in a thickly padded cushion. It’s not necessarily the thicker the better though: Make sure the stuffing is premium grade so it won’t disintegrate over time.

The size of the seat also matters. Smaller diameters are more appropriate for young players, as adults and large individuals probably won’t find it comfortable when there’s not enough surface area.

Important tip: Test out a few to find your preferred design.
Throne height and adjustment
Customization is key when it comes to drum thrones. As mentioned, you need to find the perfect position to ensure comfort during long playing sessions. If you can’t adjust a few of your chair’s features, you may find it more of a burden than a blessing.

Firstly it must suit your height, so your legs are in comfortable positions. This also determines whether you’ll sit with good posture.

Don’t settle for simply any adjustment features though. You don’t want your chair to lower while you’re sitting on it. Therefore, the mechanism that controls the height must be able to handle the pressure of your weight on top of the chair. One option is a hydraulic system, although it’s difficult to find the exact perfect height, and they don’t always maintain your setting. Another alternative is using a wingnut to keep it secure.

A handy option on modern designs is a memory lock which makes it easy to find your preferred setting again after you disassembled your gear for storing or traveling.

Number of feet
You’ll see most drum thrones have three feet, although a few do have four. A three feet design is ideal because it’s well known that wobbles less, even on an uneven floor.

Some musicians may like a four legged design, but this is often due to personal preference. We found a very impressive model, as you can see in the Tama unit mentioned above.

Don’t forget to look at the tips of your throne’s feet. They must be covered in a non-slip substance such as rubber or plastic. Ridges will further prevent your chair sliding away when you move a lot during your playing. Remember, your chair must provide some resistance—without sliding backwards all the time—when you execute some force towards it when you press that bass pedal.
This is a completely optional feature. However, we think it’s something all drummers should at least consider and try out.

Some players don’t like back rests digging into their backs or limiting their movement. This makes sense, depending on your playing habits.

However, think of the benefits when it provides support to your back. This can counter strain on your joints and muscles in the long run.
If you’re already experiencing back pain, a backrest could transform your playing. With less pain you’ll be able to concentrate better and enjoy it more.
Just ensure the back rest is adjustable. You must be able to set it at a height that gives you lumbar support in just the right spot. If you often travel with your gear, you must be able to take it off or fold it away easily so your chair is still portable.
Material and overall construction quality
Quality is everything when picking a new drum throne. Your chair’s hardware must be able to handle your weight and that means quality materials, but also smart design. That’s why you’ll see double braced legs on most of the models we picked. This makes them more sturdy and prevents them buckling under heavier players.

The cushion’s fabric quality is just as important. It shouldn’t easily tear, especially if you’re a traveling musician whose gear endures heavy duty handling. Stitching and workmanship determine whether the exterior—leather, vinyl or other fabric—will tear, so look these over before you buy or when yours is delivered. Any flaws must be reported and use your warranty promises if needed. Each time you sit down those stitches will be placed under pressure. They need to hold.
Swivel or stationary
Here’s another feature that’s absolutely up to your personal preference. Ideally, you should pick a chair which you can either use stationary, or set it to let the seat swivel. If you do have to choose, you first have to analyze your playing habits and preferences.

On a bicycle seat you may want to swivel so your legs stay in the same position in relation to the cut outs of the chair. However, on a round cushion you may prefer swiveling yourself on top of the chair, rather than it moving beneath you. Swiveling may feel less sturdy to some players and this can even affect playing.

A good question to ask is whether you prefer facing the part of the kit you’re playing on at a certain moment (which makes swiveling very helpful) or turning your upper body only, keeping your lower body mostly stationary.

Although many drummers can cope with any type of chair, we suggest you try out both options before you commit to yours.
Weight is actually a huge aspect of musical gear, as you’ll probably be transporting it often for practices or performing. If you can find a dynamic chair that’s lightweight it will make your life much easier. However, if you’re only playing at home, don’t let this determine your choice too much.
FAQ Can I add a back rest to a round drum throne?
Yes you can enjoy the benefits of a back rest when using a round drum throne. You can look for throne models that include this as a removable component. Alternatively you’ll find back rests you can attach to any drum throne, linking it to the post section.
Is a round seat better than a bicycle seat?
This depends on your preference. A bicycle seat leads to less friction and won’t hamper blood circulation. However, if you prefer more support beneath your thighs, a bicycle seat won’t work for you.
How do I clean and care for my drum throne? Can I take off the cushion?
Maintenance depends on what your throne is made of. Vinyl seats are easy to wipe down, but leather may need some more care from time to time. Both of these shouldn’t be left in the sun as it may damage them in the long run. A felt seat may require some vacuuming and often attracts more odors, so care for them the same as carpets or a cloth lounge set. Your hardware needs a good wipe down too, and perhaps once a year you can take everything apart for deep cleaning. Take pictures of what it looks like while assembled if you think you won’t know how to put everything back together again. Wax and polishing is one way to get the silverware shining. If your hardware is rusted, use oil and a hard brush to remove it.
Can I modify my drum throne?
If you want a very specific drum throne setup, make sure your throne allows for customization, such as height adjustment. Features such as a backrest can be added to almost any chair.
Our Verdict
So which one of these will you upgrade your gear with?

We love the Tama Ergo Rider which shows the brand really listens to its customers. You get everything such as comfort, a sturdy chair and even a back rest. Just make sure you enjoy playing on this uniquely shaped cushion, and this will always be a winner.

The Ahead Spinal-G Saddle Seat must garner some respect, because so much effort was put into the design. It uniquely caters for many drummers who suffer from back pain. It’s real value for money whether you want to treat or prevent pain. It also looks striking with the red top, so will add some character to your gear.

The Drum Workshop brand impresses too, and its 3000 series seat caters for those who love the classic round shape. As it comes with a reasonable price tag, anyone can now own one of the best drum throne models on the market.

Start by trying out a few different designs and then come and order yours. Your next gig could be much more enjoyable than what you’re used to, all because of the throne.

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