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When you’re on stage, everyone sees and raves about your drum kit, right? But what about the part that’s mostly invisible to the crowds? How often do you and your fans consider one of the most important parts of that kit: your drum throne.

Whether you’re a beginner drummer, or an experienced one, you should always scan the market to see what’s new. Never settle for an ordinary chair if your kit doesn’t come with a throne. Also, that pain in your back could mean it’s time for an upgrade. Did you know some of the best drum throne options offer back support? Luckily, we did most of the work on your behalf. We researched the drum throne market, looking for the best in comfort, cushion shape, height and yes, even back support. All you have to do is pick yours from our list below. Top 7 Drum Thrones Review 2019 Our information is based on pro musicians’ input, after testing it in studio...

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