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Everything You Need to Know About Eco-Friendly Plastics in 2021, and The Great Brands That Use Them

The planet is warming, climate change is real, and if you’re freaking out about it like I am there are some ways you can calm your increasingly panicked eco conscience. As the situation on earth has become increasingly dire, the number of eco-friendly alternatives for everyday items like cleaning products, shoes and gifts, has increased as well. Brands have adapted and innovated to the growing needs of the planet, and attracted new clients and consumers through a shared value of conservation. We get it, the challenges of climate change are overwhelming, and it can easily feel like you as an individual can’t have an impact. But many small choices, like saving water, turning off lights and eating less red meat...

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Reusable Trash Bags Are a Thing, But Should You Use Them?

Earth Day just came and went, and hopefully you took a pause and thought about your environmental footprint. Going plastic-free, eating less seafood and buying environmentally-friendly gifts are all great steps you can take to live a more eco-conscious life. It’s all about eliminating waste and recycling as much as possible, and there are new products coming out all the time aimed at making every corner of your life more sustainable. A brand new one for me? Reusable garbage bags. I know it sounds potentially ridiculous and very gross, but hear me out. Using fewer single-use plastics is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint as an individual. We produce upwards of 300 million tons of plastic...

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My Philips pasta maker is the best way to make homemade pasta whenever I so desire

And if you’re wondering how to make pasta, this is your answer. Featured Video Loading Video Content Watch more Fatherly Subscribe Related Content But first, let me backtrack. What Marie Kondo is to the brutal art of paring things down, I am to the glories of consumption. I love to shop. I buy so much shit, especially for my tiny kitchen, that I sometimes wonder if I ordered stuff while totally blotto. A spiralizer? I have two, neither of which I ever use. A wine decanter? But of course, even though nothing has ever been decanted in it. A pressure cooker? Please, don’t even insult me by asking, because of course I got the most expensive one, used it exactly once...

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